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C2E2 2014

It's time once again to take a look back at the con season from 2014! First up of course is the top comic convention in Chicago- C2E2! Even though this convention covers every corner of geekdom interest, our primary focus remains on anime & manga (& some similar interests that fall outside that line a bit). There isn't ever a heck of a lot (save for cosplayers, which will have its own separate entry), but there's always something. Let's take a look!

League of Legends sponsored a giant multi-sided dry-erase wall, with con attendees urged to draw & write whatever their geek hearts desired:

Veronica Taylor, the original voice of Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon dub, was one of the guests at the convention. She was accompanied by her daughter, who moderated the panel. She explained that the VAs were originally told to sound similar to the Japanese seiyuu. As the series evolved (pun intended), so did their voices.

There was a whole booth dedicated to officially licensed DragonBall Z incense. That's right- DragonBall Z incense. Krillin was probably the best smelling one, surprisingly.

One of the more interesting booths- PokeZombies. NOT officially licensed merchandise. Awesome idea, but also a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Of course, FUNimation was there.

The Super Effective Pokemon Podcast made their annual appearance. A fun discussion of all things Pokemon. This time with a surprise appearance by Veronica Taylor! This panel always dishes on some fun facts you might not know about the Pokeverse, such as Farfetch'd's Pokedex entry stating he's delicious, or that there can be over 4 billion different types of Spindas in the games- & that doesn't even count Shiny variants!

In somewhat anime related news, Janet Varney- voice of Korra from the Legend of Korra- was part of a large ansamble cast for the improv comedy hour!

One of the booth was for live Japanese language lessons delivered to your home.

Twitch had a HUGE presence on showroom floor.

Flasks shaped like Nintendo cartridges!

Giant bags are a staple at C2E2, & this year was no different. 2014 was the year of Doctor Who's TARDIS bag, with it being seen carried everywhere.

Guardians of the Galaxy had yet to come out, & of course was a major focus at the Marvel stage.

Only at C2E2 would you see these hotties next to each other! Quite the juxtaposition. And finally, here's a look at some of the other merchandise of interest: