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Haruhi Novel 2 US Release in October

We got an American release date for the second Haruhi novel! The second book in the Japanese light novel series, "the Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya," will be hitting American bookstores on October 1, 2009. It'll retail for $8.99 & is 208 pages long. I was worried after the first book came out that no date for the second novel had yet been announced. Who knows how long we could've been waiting? Thankfully, a six month wait isn't too bad all things considered. & if they keep this pace up & get a new Haruhi novel every six months, then we'll be caught up to where Japan is now in only four years! Though hopefully by that point Japan will have advanced further in the story already. Here's what they have to say about book two:

When Haruhi decides to make a movie for the upcoming cultural festival, strange things begin to happen.

As filming starts, the star begins to develop supernatural powers -- cats start talking -- and it soon becomes obvious that Haruhi's powers to change the universe are bleeding through the movie and into real life! The remaining members of the S.O.S. Brigade must once again contain Haruhi and set the world back to right.

So far only a paperback version with original American cover art has been announced, unlike the first novel where we had the option of buying a hardcover version with the original Japanese art. (EDIT: Or has it? I found an Amazon listing for a hardcover version, even though Hatchette doesn't make any mention of one on its site.) Still though, if all I can get is the paperback version, you can bet I'll be picking it up ASAP. But if you can't wait, Little Brown's official SOS Brigade website has updated the site with a 31-page preview of the second novel containing the prologue & entire first chapter! Check that out here:



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