Nebs (nebs66) wrote,

Uncensored Strike Witches on Funi

FUNimation truly is giving fans the completely uncensored DVD version of Strike Witches on their website. Funi began streaming the series last weekend with the first two episodes, but it wasn't until this weekend that we got to find out if they were truly going to stream the true unedited version.

Episodes three & four of the series both had nudity in their Japanese DVD releases, but the version that aired on Crunchyroll & YouTube last year had their nudity edited out. But with those two episodes now up on FUNimation's video pages, we in the US finally get to see the naked lolis for free, & legally too. & yes, I just used the words "naked loli" & "legal" in the same sentence. Don't forget there's still more nudity in this series yet to come (including of the youngest character Francesca). Don't need any more motivation than that to pick up the DVD set when it comes early next year.

Tags: anime, ecchi, exclusive, free, gonzo

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