Nebs (nebs66) wrote,

Highschool of the Dead Secret Box

It's one thing to see perverse merchandise of popular series being sold unofficially. But when you have a series like Highschool of the Dead that's already pretty smutty, even the official merch can make one blush.

At the end of last year, Kadokawa began selling an authentic piece of HOTD merchandise called the Highschool of the Dead Secret Box. The main attraction is a 75-page artbook featuring the female characters from the series. & even though this is an official release, the characters are drawn by various doujinshi artists, so you can imagine how tasteful the whole thing is. However, it's the extra goodies that'll really turn your face red, each one more so than the last. I've included some pictures below, but be warned- they get increasingly NSFW-ish the further we go down.

The first is a 3D oppai mousepad of Busujima-senpai. Unless you're not already familiar with the countless oppai pads that get released in Japan all the time, this one's not too bad.

The next item is being labeled as a "bukakke pass case," featuring Saya Takagi. What exactly it's purpose is I have no idea. The saucy pic of her is encased in mostly a clear gel-like liquid... along with some not-so-clear liquid that can be moved around. Use your imagination, people.

The final item is a double-sided pillowcase featuring Rei Miyamoto. One side is her Cute side, & is pretty much harmless. But the other, labeled the "Bitch" side (& yes, this is the official labeling for it), features the character completely topless. & covered in blood. Sex & violence go hand-in-hand here, folks. Goodnight, everybody!

Tags: anime, ecchi, pics, toys

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