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Thompson After Pokemon

13:37 EST - Jack Thompson: Gotta Ban 'Em All?

It's been all quiet regarding Jack Thompson over the last few months, however GP has just received word that self-titled "anti-videogame activist" Jack Thompson is hounding the case for another game to be banned. However, this time it's not Rockstar's latest effort that he's targeted. Instead, Thompson wants all Pokemon games pulled from the shelves.

"These games are a horrible influence on our children," raves Thompson, in an email forwarded to NOA, NCL, Game Freak, Wal-Mart, GamePolitics, Hiroshi Yamauchi and Hilary Clinton. "Our schools teach them that animals are to be treated with respect and kindness. These games - or rather, animal cruelty simulators - tell children that it's perfectly acceptable to attack wild animals and keep them in captivity. What's more, these captured animals are then used to attack other creatures - and worse, other people as well."

"As an honourable Christian, I will not stand for this behaviour. The bible states, and I quote "Do not taste of the forbidden fruit". Clearly, this is Him telling His people that harming, or "tasting" of animals (or "fruit") is forbidden. I am aware that Nintendo is situated in the athiest wastleland known as Japan, but they need to understand that this is America, and American Christians will not tolerate this kind of behaviour."

While Shigeru Miyamoto has currently not commented on the news (partly due to not having anything to do with Pokemon), sources claim that Hiroshi Yamauchi promises that "it will rain blood upon Mr Thompson's house".

The Society of Japanese Athiest Wastelands were unavailable for comment.

Source: http://www.pokecharms.com