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Naruto the Movie Now on Jetstream

Toonami Jetstream surprised us again this week by putting up the first Naruto movie, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, in its entirety. This is the first time that Toonami has something so huge & ambitious on Jetstream, which is immediately realized when you notice the movie has been split up into a whopping 15 parts. But don't worry, you have plenty of time to watch it. Jetstream will have the film up until September 8.

Another interesting note about Jetstream is that Blue Dragon has now become an exclusive to the video-streaming site. For whatever reason, Cartoon Network has removed the series from their television schedule entirely, meaning new episodes can now ONLY be found online. & since this is now the case, can't they do something about making the episodes available only for a week? I kind of gave Blue Dragon the benefit of the doubt that the reason the eps were only up for a short time was because they were airing so closely to their televised debuts. But now that that's no longer the case, can't they leave them up for a month or so like all their other series?

But at the very least, this means Jetstream now has three exclusive series: Blue Dragon, Hikaru no Go, & Kiba. Now let's just hope that Blue Dragon doesn't get shafted & taken down prematurely like most of the other Jetstream shows. By the way, the second episode of Kiba is now up as well. After taking a break last week, we can now confirm that it'll be a biweekly series like most Jetstream premieres. But enough rambling, you can watch the first Naruto movie here: