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Shonen Jump Talks Naruto Changes

The American Shonen Jump & Naruto websites have recently updated with official word on the changes coming to the Naruto anime & manga.

In terms of the manga, they've confirmed that they'll be repeating what they did for the last Naruto Nation event in terms of how the serialized chapters in the magazine are going to be affected by the upcoming release blitz. Naruto will be taking a 2-month break from the pages of Shonen Jump after the February 2009 issue, during which time they'll be summarizing the events of the next few dozen chapters & telling readers to pick up the graphic novels to actually read first hand how events go down. Then in the May issue, they'll jump right to the beginning of volume 45.

On the anime side of things, Naruto.com has updated its main page with a teaser trailer for Shippuden. This is also the first official indication that Viz will be calling the series "Naruto Shippuden" & not "Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles" or the like. Also note the now official romanized spelling. It's not Shippuuden, or Shipuuden, or Shipuden, but rather "Shippuden." It should also be pointed out that the trailer is dubbed, using the regular English voice actors. This is a bit odd considering no official announcement about the dub of Shippuden has been made yet, as only a subbed version has been confirmed for the video streams come January. It is possible though that they only recorded dialogue for the purposes of this trailer, & that the actual episodes haven't been recorded yet. Guess we'll have to wait & see on that.

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