Nebs (nebs66) wrote,

Bandai Cancels Some Titles

Bad news for Lucky Star limited edition collectors. Bandai Entertainment has announced that they're canceling the limited edition version of sixth volume (the last one) of the series. The regular edition version will come out as scheduled, but the more expensive one with extra goodies wont. Actually one mailer from Bandai says it's only been "delayed indefinitely" (like that's a good sign anyway) but another release from them says it's fully canceled.

More than likely the reason for the cancellation is due to low sales of the special edition, & I can't really say I'm surprised. The limited edition shirts were... interesting to say the least. But I knew it was something I didn't want, especially for all the extra money. But collector's of these limited edition releases now wont be able to get the cheerleader shirt, the Misoji Misaki CD, the Motteke Sailor Fuku Re-mix 001 CD, or the special DVD cover art that only the LE's have. For those who have been filling their Lucky Star boxset with the LE DVDs, they'll have to deal with having a different style cover to finish it.

Bandai also canceled at the same time their stand-alone release of the Gurren Lagann Best Sound CD. The CD will still come with the Limited Edition version of the Gurren Lagann Part 3 DVD set, but consumers will no longer have the option of buying the disc individually.

Tags: anime, dvd, lucky star

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