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Censored Queen’s Blade Nudity

The second episode of Queen's Blade, one of this season's most talked about & scandalous shows, is airing today in Japan. However, only one cable channel in the country (AT-X) is airing the show unedited. Every other station that's carrying the borderline-hentai title is showing a censored version, which is what the majority of TV watchers in Japan have to settle for (thank god for the Internet). So just how does one go about editing a series where nearly every shot features large unclothed breasts, & where one girl's primary attack is to shoot acidic milk out of her nipples?

Popular Japanese community website 2ch has gone & uploaded screencaps of both the edited & unedited versions of Queen's Blade's first episode (which you can watch for yourself on our new site). The answer to how to edit a series such as this? Lots of cropping, & even more random bright streaks covering every which way on the screen. People have been complaining about how utterly bad the show has turned out to be, at least plot wise. But if there's one thing Queen's Blade is good at, it's showing amazing fan-service. If you take that away, what's the point of even watching the show? Check out some of the comparison shots here (do I really need to say that this is NSFW?):




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Apr. 10th, 2009 06:38 pm (UTC)
Butchered, indeed
Took a look at the comparison pictures, and it looks like they're butchering the series with that censoring. In some of the pictures, the censoring blanks out half the screen. It makes some of the censoring I saw in the Crunchyroll release of Strike Witches look positively minimal. I predict that the unedited version will have MUCH higher ratings than the censored version. Who wants to watch a show where half the screen is blanked out?
Jan. 7th, 2011 08:29 am (UTC)
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